Is it like this for everyone?

Strip sheets on the bed to wash them. Take sheets to washing machine.

Discover washing machine has damp clothes from who knows when. Rerun washing machine.

Go to put newly washed clothes in dryer. Clothes in dryer. Rerun dryer to fluff.

Take clothes from dryer, put clothes in dryer, wash sheets.

Fold and put away clothes, fold and put away clothes, dry sheets, decide to not wash blanket and quilt.

Discover dog has peed on blanket and quilt. Wash blanket and quilt.

Eleven hours later. Bed remade.


A similar story.

Cats pull curtain rod out of wall.

Temperature drops to negative four. Room is cold. Curtains aren’t on wall to block some cold.

Get ready to rehang curtains, find dog has peed on curtains. (incidentally, can one wash microfiber? I think my washer and dryer are actually empty and I could put them straight in there.)

Put dog out to do business. Dog miraculously does business in below frigid temps. Dog comes back in and does happy dance on couch.

Dog leaves spot of mud on couch. I wipe off with my hand.

Not mud.