Kaiser Mommy

Choose Joy. Every Time.

A Little Rocked

I sat for just a moment in my car today before I went in to get Alex. I was thinking about a Kindergarten boy, so small he has a booster seat on the bus, I found out today his mom just might be dying. It’s her heart. She has good days and bad days, but she HAS days. I felt my own heart sway and shudder for him . … Read More

on growing wings

I am not one for taking risks. My bucket list is entirely bungee jumping and skydiving free. I take the safe choices. I am safe in my design, in my clothes, in my hair color. I named my kid a safe name. I drive a 4 door, silver sedan. I try to not attract attention. I keep my voice inside my chest. I fear confrontation. I am afraid of falling.. Read More

There wasn’t enough space over there for my tagline

I wanted my tagline to say something along the lines of “The hardest one to raise is myself.” It bothered me though – partially because it centered funny in the template – a lot because that only told part of the story. You see, I’m bugged. I’m bugged by this face This is my grandma – eighteen years old – 1933. Valedictorian of the class of 1933 in her small-town.. Read More

Finding Focus

I took a shower yesterday and I focused on the fact that I was alone in my house – no Alex looking in and talking to me while spraying water on the floor. It was nice. I woke this morning and I focused on a bra and clothes and brushing my teeth. [oh what, like YOU don’t normally roll downstairs in a huge sweatshirt and yoga pants and pretend you.. Read More