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All Grown Up

Today I accepted that I am the grown up. I have fought that since February 7th when I found my mom unresponsive on her couch. It used to be when things were awful, my parents shielded me from it. Mom and the veterinarian did their part before Dad and the shovel arrived in the backyard. Today Mom called me that Tavish was in the bathroom and she wasn’t sure she.. Read More

Advice for Flying

Historically I have some wicked bad anxiety over flying. It’s so bad that I’ve convinced myself many times that if I get over my anxiety that the plane will fall out of the sky. (It’s a phobia, it’s supposed to be irrational.) I was sitting in the airport with my Dad several years ago and commented on my anxiety. He was shocked to hear it because he LOVED to fly,.. Read More

Another goodbye

This is one of those, “I tell you this story to get to another” kind of things. (again, this could be titled Hey look, Dawn’s talkin’ about death again!) no no… come back… come back! Okay. Here we go. I was a grandpa’s girl. From the time I was born until he died – grandpa’s girl. Which was fitting as my mom was his girl as well. His body gave.. Read More