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NaNoWriMonday – Conclusion

Beginning Previous She reached her room and stood in the doorway, enjoying the sight of the simple double bed with the pineapple finials, the blue bordered butterfly quilt, the pillows she knew would smell like home. She walked to the closet to change out of her dress and into a soft flannel nightgown, soft as material that had been washed many times, almost threadbare, but strong and not ready to.. Read More

NaNoWriMonday – 3:8

Beginning Previous Leta pointed across to the white house. “That was your home for so long. We have watched it and it has been an easy task to keep watch over your family as long as you were all there. Now you will find that the scenery will change from time to time, We will rarely see this particular scene, but tonight it is here because it is familiar and.. Read More

NaNoWriMonday – 3:7

Beginning Previous LaVerne thought on this. “So long I cared for her. I brushed her hair, I braided her hair, I made sure she was dressed appropriately for school. I fretted over her. I criticized her when she put on weight, I saw the hurt in her eyes when I did it. I even wrote her an apology for it.” “You were hard on her, but she will remember it.”.. Read More

NaNoWriMonday – 3:6

Beginning Previous “I think it doesn’t matter. We lived our life. We both kept small lives. Mine smaller than yours. We kept small lives, we had what we needed, and demanded that we determine harshly what we wanted that we actually acquired. It was a different time than now.” “I worry about my girls.” “Of course you do. That’s what we do. That’s the mother, we worry, she worries, they.. Read More

NaNoWriMonday – 3:5

Beginning Previous LaVerne spent her first night in the house sitting by the front door. The air smelled like damp summertime. The air was cool, and a little balmy. It was mid May, lilacs were blooming, there were stars in the sky. It was a beautiful night by anyone’s standards, it was beautiful to her because it had been so long since she had felt night air on her skin… Read More

NaNoWriMonday – 3:4

Beginning Previous The women would remain in this place, until all of the women in their line had come to join them. Then it would remain to be seen what would happen next There would be decisions to be made, would they stay together, would they separate their paths. Would they decide to go back, one by one, or a few at a time. There were so many decisions to.. Read More

NaNoWriMonday – 3:3

(warning, this week’s entry is kinda meh.) Beginning Previous Belle sat knitting at the corner of the table. She had some nubby purple wool that she was knitting a scarf from. Not that there was a huge need for the scarf. But the wool felt good and sturdy and comfortable in her hands. and the ability to complete a project made her feel cozy and worth while. It felt good.. Read More

NaNoWriMonday – 3:2

Beginning Previous She looked at her daughter laying in the bed with the slightly scratchy white sheets. She saw the short gray hair and the wrinkled face, but she also saw past that. She saw the face of a nine year old with a bob cut and straight bangs above the eyebrows. She saw the face of her sick little girl, she felt the fear of losing her, and the.. Read More

NaNoWriMonday Chapter Three

Beginning Previous It was another morning in the gray weathered house. The kitchen was cold and empty, but there was anxious activity in the back of the house that could be heard. The windows were being wiped down, a bed was being prepared. The best quilt was being laid on the bed. Blue and white quilted butterflies decorated the double bed sized quilt. Gently patterned flowers in blue and purple.. Read More

NaNoWriTuesday – 2:4

Beginning Previous Belle slowly moved a low padded stool over to where here mother sat. She carefully lowered herself to the stool, and lay her gray head on her mother’s knee. At a time like this, no matter how old you were, you were always your mother’s child. Ellen looked at the head resting on her. She thought of that hair when it was gray and faded, when it was.. Read More

NaNoWriMonday – 2:3

Beginning Previous It was Ellen who gently spoke. She had no point to make, she only wanted to change the feel of the room, so she began to tell her story. “I lived eighty years,” the women looked at her when she spoke. She lived the longest of them all. She settled herself into her chair more comfortably, the women saw she intended to storytell, so they picked up their.. Read More

NaNoWriMonday – 2:2

Beginning Previous The women turned to the table and gathered around. No one immediately spoke. Then Abby began. “It’s for the best.” She said it simply, but with a touch of challenge in her voice. “Her heart is broken.” Leta said plaintively. “She hurts, how can you say this is best?” Elizabeth placed her hand over Leta’s. A rare gesture of warmth from her. “As I said before. It’s so.. Read More

NaNoWriMonday Chapter Two

Beginning Previous The girl lay in the grass all alone. She looked into the sun, squinting her eyes so they appeared closed, but she could still be blinded by the shard of sun that broke through her lashes. The sun made her eyes tear, but her eyes had been teary so much that this was nothing new. She had her first heartbreak. Her childhood love had married someone else just.. Read More