Leta pointed across to the white house. “That was your home for so long. We have watched it and it has been an easy task to keep watch over your family as long as you were all there. Now you will find that the scenery will change from time to time, We will rarely see this particular scene, but tonight it is here because it is familiar and comforting to you, and tonight your family is nearby this place. Usually when we look out it will be to your girls, our girls and what they are doing in their day to day life. It will be a good thing for you to sit and watch and observe and learn to do. I think you will enjoy getting to check in on theme from time to time.

“What do I do now Mother. I don’t understand what is expected of me.” Laverne had always had a goal or a task or something that was being worked toward completion. She was not used to being without some kind of result at the end of her time or her work. This was a new concept for her. Once that would take time to acclimate to. Time. Funny. Now she apparently had nothing but time until the end of time.

“You will be here with us. You will watch, you will wait until times when it seems you need to intercede. Mostly this is like a retirement home with more comfortable surroundings and without the smell of alcohol and sickness. We spend time together. You can play Bridge and Pinochle and you’ll find that we’re all good opponents given that we have the chance to practice. You will find what you like to do best and you will able to do it. This Heaven may not look like clouds and angels, but really, such a change would only be shocking and scary for you, for anyone.”

“It is nice to be someplace familiar. There is no fear in this place.” LaVerne looked around. The walls were wood planks, the lack of plaster did not bother her, for the room was very clean and warm enough. The chinks in walls had only ever bothered her with wind and with dust. As neither of those seemed to be present in this room, the walls did not worry her.

Laverne looked away from the photos before concentrating on the photos of her own parents. She would have time to look at them later. For now she just wanted to relax. She walked to the back of the house and up the stairs. Easily climbing each one, even though she did so slowly and holding the hand rail out of 80 years of practice. She felt a strength she had long since forgotten as she put her right foot down and it was able to support her weight. Outside she heard wind against the house and heard the branches and leaves on the trees moving. Inside, there was no draft.