Oh boy. “Overdue”.

Big whoop. I’m so relieved to have a couple of days off so I don’t have to deal with people from work and all the comments. I think Scout’s ready for me to stay home just so I don’t come home and complain.

One of them started asking me the routine list of dumb questions yesterday at 728am, (when I’d woken up at 647am), before I had made it to my desk, taken my coat and scarf off, and had a sip of coffee.

Okay now, remember Dawn in the morning. Factor in 40 weeks pregnant. I actually yelled at her, halfway through the sentence where I was actually yelling at her I stopped talking, took a deep breath, and repeated myself in a nicer (ER being the operative part of THAT word) tone. One would think that one would take a clue when one had been yelled at. But oh no, she continued to ask questions. All required the response of “I don’t know” which I just kept repeating as I got my cup and walked away from her. I then spent the next FOUR hours going nowhere near my desk because I knew she would keep asking questions and I thought it was only fair to protect her from the wrath of the the pregnant woman.

In other news, I get to go “shopping” with Steph today. I say “shopping” because the real purpose is to walk a lot and try to shake Baby Schu on out of his warm little nest. And soon so Steph can see him tomorrow and still make it to work on Monday : )