I now give permission to all mothers everywhere to do whatever they want to do with their child.

I spent all afternoon and evening yesterday with my formerly happy baby with an uber pissed off baby because I thought it was evil bad to feed him more than every two hours. I thought something was WRONG and OFF SCHEDULE. So I was torturing my baby for the sake of what I thought someone else thought was right.

Today the nurse came for our visit – I asked her about the schedule – she told me to feed him when he was hungry, and sometimes that would be all the time – like when he’s a newborn and weighs 7 pounds.

Grand. I like her thinking, I will ask no more questions on the subject of feeding.

In the future I will follow this precedent. Decide what you want to do, ask a lot of questions till you find someone to tell you do it the way you want to do it, quit asking for advice once you get the answer you want.

Funny how my happy baby is back. He’s slept and eaten and has been beautifully peaceful all day since then.

(waiting for the other shoe to drop after midnight though….)