Now I fully admit that I’m ready to be on my own without anyone who fits the role of grandmother around. Any grandmother. But I still appreciate that when the going gets tough that my mom has my back. From distance.

My email to mom:

tell me i will make it. i resorted to half slamming a door tonight after Scout and i spent THREE hours trying to settle alex in for nap/sleep. Scout took him to change diaper bc that had reached critical mass and she got on the floor in alexs face chattering at him and shaking the rattle. 5 mi nutes later the umbilical stump falling off style screams began. i came back out to the living room and took him in the bedroom. 45 more minutes of sheer blliss and he literally passed out in my arms as we wre running the bath for him.

i’ve seen him more exhausted this week than ever before. im thinking corellation.

im getting a headache. must breathe

the response:

does Scout understand what’s happening here?

This is the 10th, so 7 more days?

How’s your headache?
Maybe you need to use the blanket that I made for yourself

today it’s rainy, that gentle kind that makes for good napping time
unfortunately I’m not sleepy

Yes you can make it
you’re stronger than she is and she will leave in 7 days
you will not kill or even hurt her
she will go away and has used her vacation time so that she won’t be back for some time
Alex will be older when she returns and should be able to handle it better Yes you can make it