This is happening in our old backyard. We found out just about the time to put BabyKaiser into sleep mode for the night. Scout made phone calls while I looked at the story online – grumbling about the “if it bleeds it leads” local station. (Which I did not link to just out of principle. CNN is having a love fest with them anyway). I held the baby and was more focused on him than anything. In a matter of minutes, Scout was done with the calls checking on family and friends and my brain engaged to realize that I had all sorts of people to check on as well. I had to suppress all that fear, anxiety, nausea and nervous energy that naturally bursts forth when adrenaline hits. I had to suppress all of that because I was holding the baby, and you just can’t freak out while holding a baby who you really want to go to sleep. If you freak out, Baby will freak out right along with you. I haven’t had to suppress my natural adrenaline rush before. My hand still shook a tad while I was texting the world I knew to check on – all the while bouncing Alex and crooning, “you’re okay, you’re okay” just in case he was picking up the prayer in my heart that I was about to get as many return text messages as were going out. I put on my wrap and snuggled him to me so my hands were free. I shook my head to block visions and thoughts of the people on that bridge – to keep me from picturing “what if it were us?” “what if my baby was in a car in the water?” Long after he fell asleep I kept him with me and am burying my nose in his hair as I type this. Grateful we are safe and dry, and praying everyone else is soon safe and dry as well. Taking comfort from the closeness of my little one.

ed: After the babe stirred to have his diaper changed we got him out of the wrap and changed into pjs and nighttime diaper. Now Scout is swaying with the baby long after he’s asleep and doesn’t need swaying anymore – I can only assume, letting the baby love help keep the fear in check.