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Oh yeah… the baby

Uh, yeah. The one this blog is titled for. Him. The one I haven’t actually talked about for a while. He’s great. I dropped my basket on Tuesday morning b/c I’d had no sleep (I stayed up too late talking to Mrs. NOT Tater, then he woke up every hour-two hours doing kick/bicycle legs all night) and Alex woke officially at seven and was in-con-solable. Oh and Scout was out.. Read More

Speaking of Boobs . . .

There’s a hub-ub of breastfeeding talk going on – this at Strollerderby, this at Blissfully Bitchy, and I know I’ve read more, but as I sit here pumping with one hand and typing with the other I’ll just get on with my thought. I’ve been really pondering this for two days now. Alex and I started off nursing and have ended up exclusively pumping and using bottles. I can share.. Read More