My glass of mommy is pretty empty. I’d say it’s at about a 10. I’m new to this whole mom thing, but I’m wagering that I need to be at about 100 to be a happy, well rounded, good for Scout and Alex, mommy again.

Being a goal oriented kind of girl I am creating a list of things and their point values to get me back to 100. I’m not listing the negative points because that’s just too frustrating, and I might find that my 10 should actually be -100. 🙂 If anyone would like to donate to my cause, please feel free.

Jeans/shorts/non yoga pants that fit while sitting without needing to be unbuttoned +5

Already owned, prepregnancy jeans etc that fit while sitting without needing to be unbuttoned +10

159 +10

154 +10

149 +10

145 +10

139 +10

sex +5 (unless Scout is reading this then clearly it’s +200)

a foot rub and massage +15 (hey, I’m lazy, what can I say?)

healthy dinner made of real food that I have no responsibilities for other than eating it +10

followed by dessert of sinful calorie amounts +15 (total)

fitting into the bras I splurged on, then got pregnant and went up a cup size as soon as the stick turned pink +15

the entire inside of the house being painted +50

all the rooms in the house being settled/usable +50

getting all our money reimbursed from the move +50

8 hours of uninterrupted sleep +30

10 hours of uninterrupted sleep +40

watching an entire movie (of my choice) +10

baby sleeping 4 hours straight +25

baby not screaming/whimpering/needing anything +5 per hour

completing a project, any project +5

completing a fun project – knitting, scrapbook +10

finding a combination of eye makeup that enhances my eyes, not the purple shadows under my eyes +10

finding time to put on magical combo of eye makeup +15

What am I forgetting?