Input, Output, Sleep, Repeat.

The Kaiser has been killing us softly with his whine. The lack of sleep is truly staggering. Scout actually did most of the baby wrangling this weekend, earning a billion points when he asked, “Is this normal?” and I said “yes, this is a normal day” and he with no bs in his voice said once and for all “your job is harder than mine.” He’d said that before, many times, but this time I knew he knew how much he meant it. Which gave me a lot of comfort in light of how odd I felt last week. I spent the weekend sorting embroidery floss. A project I thought would take part of one day and ended up a full weekend project (I was consolidating four people’s stashes into one. I now have two ebay auctions to ditch the extra stuff that I’ll never use … as if I’ll ever need to buy thread again. Ever.)

Kaiser was insisting on eating nonstop, which is pulling me out of bed twice a night to pump a bottle for him – I used to be three feedings ahead. Now I’m barely keeping pace. No “Pantley pull off” for this boy. Unless we want middle of the night screaming and such. So not worth it. And just wakes me completely up, meaning it takes hours for me to fall asleep again. (Hours=exaggeration. Some)

So today is an Input, Output, Sleep, Repeat day. I feed us, I bathroom us, we sleep, we do it again. I don’t have to be super entertaining mommy. If it takes Sesame Street to entertain him while I eat, fine. If I don’t do anything but keep us alive today, fine.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for my nap. Kaiser says.