Okay, hard plastic bottles are bad, chemicals in clothing are bad, buy organic, buy free trade, buy local, can, jar, preserve, CFL light bulbs, all toys will kill your baby, water conservation, global warming, rising gas prices, walk more, drive less, drugs are bad mmmkay, cloth or disposable, spit or swallow, attachment parenting, cry it out, exercise more, vaccines – lifesaver or evil, smoke less, who will be president, Iraq war good or bad….

Have you seen “Waiting”? (You should, if for no other reason than the gratuitous Ryan Reynolds showing off his abs and fuck muscles scene). One of the waitresses freaks out and screams “Gooooood-dammiiiiiiiit!” and it brings things to a lull.

That’s what is in my mind right now.

Time to pull back and evaluate.

I talked about changes I want to make before. This week has just shown me that I’m on the right track.

I can’t fix everything at once, but I can try to do a little bit.

I will think about food and what I can do to make responsible choices for my house. (Please note that what is more responsible for my house may not be more responsible for yours, it’s all a definition of terms and I don’t have a definition.)

I stepped on the scale this morning and it was 161.5 for a flash of a moment before flashing to 162.5. It’s better than 164.5. And this fits again (with the extender in the back, FINE, make me go for full admission). So clothes are on my mind.

Today I will ponder clothes, tomorrow I will come back and report what I’ve figured out for me. I’ll try to post links galore so you too, can check it out.

Mmmm… clothes….