So. It was a banner week here at Camp Sleep is for Loozah’s, record traffic from beginning to end. Largely, I’m sure in part with Mofo Delurk Day which got me out of my Turkey Lurky ways of not commenting b/c there were either too many comments already or I just didn’t think I had anything interesting to add to the conversation – and I actually stopped by and said hi to lots of people I hadn’t said hi to before.

So, welcome one and welcome all.

I learned this week that I really like having a theme. So I’m going to give ya’ll a choice of topics for the coming week, vote in the comments and I’ll tally around midnight on Saturday and get cracking on the next week of fun.

Your choices:

Character sketches of my weird ass dysfunctional family

Love letters to my favorite cities in the US

The birth story of the Kaiser

Stuff I’ve learned from blogging since March

Fitness and fashion out of my closet and under the spit up

The long and twisted story of the romance between Scout and I that finally got us married

Go forth and vote, this weekend will be light hearted, fluffy posts after the pouring out of my heart of this week.

Thanks a billion for coming over to play. Thank God you like it here!

(Ten Steps for Creating Breast Health)