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Birth Story Chapter Five … The Meconium Feelings

(The birth story series starts here.) You remember meconium? That black, sticky tar that would.not.come.off? That’s how these emotions feel in my heart. I’m actually apprehensive to write this. I can’t figure out how to do it. I want to get it out, I’d like to be thorough, I’d like to not have you eyeroll and leave halfway through. I can’t figure out how is best. So I’m just going.. Read More

Here’s yer sign pt 2

Here for the Memarie Lane scavenger hunt? In the comments put your guess of boy or girl, then head on over to see Mary Alice 🙂 Entry Number One This is from when I was pregnant: When we went for our sonogram they asked a load of questions as well – including if we were there as a result of an accident. I started laughing, the desk person (who was.. Read More