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That contest…

Remember the one? I used the Integer Generator at random.org – there were 21 comments so I had it pick 1 number between 1 and 21. The first number it spit out was one of my own comments, so I had it select again – and it gave us … the number… 1 Congrats Veronica, and thanks your advice for my girl. Shoot me an email with your postal address.. Read More

Baby Love

It had been an okay night of sleep in our house. I pulled Alex over to me to cuddle him close, because it was a touch cool in our bedroom. I wasn’t fully awake. I held my baby and smelled his head. I drifted deeper to sleep. Asking myself the question, “Why was I thinking of warm water streaming against my abdomen?” Was I dreaming of the bathtub. Um. No… Read More