More shots for the Kaiser yesterday. He still took it really well. He was well past nap time by the time the needles hit his thighs, so he was more annoyed than at the 4 month appointment – but still less annoyed than being trapped in the car for a long road trip. He’s already been up and trying to crawl, so his thighs must feel okay, he’s had two 2 hour naps (!), got grizzly and wasn’t a fan of the Tylenol. Is now trying to annex my computer and has been rerouted to chew on some other valuable piece of equipment, since the 2 dollar whale and the plastic links just weren’t equitable replacements for the MacBook.

Had all sorts of really unhelpful information on the sheet from the ped. Again with the “Most children sleep through the night at this age” Yeah, really? Let’s play data collection on that one – did your kid sleep through the night at 6 months? And my definition of through the night is you put child in crib at night and don’t see him or her till morning. I know Pantley defines it as 5 hours – and even in our house of ill sleep repute we can get that – but sadly it’s from 8-1am – whoopee.)

She told us that in another month we could start giving Kaiser food from the table. We just nodded and said okay.


What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.