Nursery decorating part one:


Pottery Barn Kids curtains.


Bed Bath and Beyond hardware. And I swear ya’lls, I should have taken photos and blogged how effing long it took me to get the thing out of the package. It was hermetically sealed in scissor deflecting plastic bordered by cardboard. It took me longer to get the thing out of the package than it did to attach to the wall. No lie. I won’t buy another product from them for sure. (I think is an Umbra brand curtain rod.)


Supah cute quilt that of course can’t be used with the baby for a while.


Hanging on the wall by a 3 dollar cafe rod. I’m supah proud of this quilt hanging action.


PBK baskets and liners – the dresser is an old TV stand that friends of ours were going to throw out because the door was busted off. I took the door and the hinges off, primed and painted, and got myself a new, shiny, free dresser. (Okay, it’s not a dresser but my brain is *not* coming up with the right word right now.)

More of my cheapskate mixed with stuff I spend too much money on Monday!