Happy Friday!

Just touching base –

– If I’m on your blogroll and you aren’t on mine, it’s an oversight on my part. Let me know and I’ll fix it – I’m still keeping with my original blogroll philosophy.

– To my lurkers – say hello and I’ll come read your blog. Luvs ya.

– This week, Alex probably thinks his middle name is NO! As in Alex NO! Which I’m proud that it hasn’t been Alex DAMMIT! Because SERIOUSLY what kid can successfully climb stairs at 7 months? Um, mine.

– I have a new meme in mind … I’m trying to work it out in my head … and yes, I just want to be as cool as Lotus. Stay tuned and lets see if I can come up with some fun too…

– question for you – how do you tell if a baby is warm enough or too warm at night? Alex has been sleeping for $#!+ for two nights now (and I’m betting I’m in for a third) because of developmental milestones, adjusting to nursing instead of bottles, teething and today we got shots (speaking of shots… I could use a few from the liquor cabinet…) I’m trying to at least rule out *something*. So tell me, in all your wisdom – how do YOU tell if baby is too warm, too cool, or just right?

Have a great weekend ya’ll!