It’s possible I’ve been a tad too serious here for a bit. So today I bring you my totally frivolous “My Favo(u)rite Things” post.

Fave Christmas Album

John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together. Sometimes surprisingly good music mixed in with the hilarious Miss Piggy questioning, “Piggy Pudding?!” Followed by the assurance of, “FIGGY Pudding, made with figs … and bacon.”

Fave Coffee Fixin’

We have a ton of Folgers right now and a refusing to sleep more than 90 minutes at a stretch kiddo. Clearly I need coffee, and this, Chocolate Mint Truffle creamer … yum yum yum.

Fave Christmas Season Movie

Love Actually. With this song kicking my butt and giving me total chills every time.

Yes they doctored her voice – they added breathiness so it was believeable that a 10 year old was actually singing. They actually made her sound LESS good than she sounded originally. Holy Cow! And if Alex could turn out just like Thomas Sangster in this movie, I’d be a lucky, lucky mom.

Fave pants:

Wore these Chico’s pants all 10 and a half months of my pregnancy. Wearing them now. Elastic waist, comfy as all geddout, people think I’m dressed up when I wear them. Cue evil laugh! I’m all stealth comfed out!

Fave body product:

Origins A Perfect World – pretty sure it was a regift when I got it a couple years ago. Pricey, but when were in the polar tundra up north it kept me from feeling like a lizard shedding skin. Smells nice too 🙂

Fave Baby Shoe

Hands down – Stride Rite Stage One Prewalkers. I have the Pea Pods for Alex and I’ve only had one come off once and that’s because he stood on it. He also enjoys teething on it so there’s an added bonus!

Tell me about your fave stuff… Let’s be fluffy and fun for a day!!!