So. I’ve been known to share some of the cooler things I’ve been able to pull off … which I realized might just be construed as … showin’ off.

And showin’ off alone isn’t NEARLY as much fun as showin’ off with your friends.

(Right Ivy?)

So, here’s my brainchild – Whenever I find something to show off about, I’m gonna invite YOU to show off with me too. I’ll show off on a Saturday and then give you till the next Saturday to show off with me.

And I’ll have prizes. Cuz we all like prizes. Now I can’t say that all my prizes will be awesome like this, they might be more hilarious like this. But you’ll know in advance what you are working for mmkay?

So for the first “Showin’ off on Saturday” project, I have nothing to show off – but you just might.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Make a piece of bling pimpin’ out Showin’ off on Saturday.

2. Feel free to put something on there to take credit for designing the bling.

3. Post the bling on your site (in a post, a sidebar, on your rack, whatever you want), and direct it to this post.

4. Shoot me a comment or an email just to make sure I don’t miss the fact you have bling out there.

On Saturday, January 5th, I will post all the bling for people to grab their bling of choice and use on their own sites, and I will post the next Showin’ off on Saturday project.

(I’d put it up on Saturday, December 29th but we will be at my mom’s with (insert gasps of horror) dial up and I have no assurances that I’ll even be able to log on to my own freaking site from there, cuz kids? my MacBook isn’t even set up for a freaking phone cord.)

Go forth and bling make!