Okay. Here it is.

We have 2 pieces of bling – one provided by Three Ring Circus


And one provided by Hotfessional.


Now, you’d think that the first time I invited everyone over to play together that I’d have it together for everything to work, right?


I had this grand idea of making a toy for Alex and then showing it off because I’m so cool and thrifty and cool, and then you were going to make a toy for your kid, your pet, yourself and you were going to be cool with me.

Well, here’s how it went down.

I wanted to make some felted balls (hee hee, I said balls) for Alex. I was pretty sure I could do it. I’d seen some instructions on the ‘net and even though I hadn’t bookmarked them, I was sure I remembered how it was done, so clearly I could do this myself. I bought wool yarn, I bought stuffing, I wrapped that yarn around the stuffing and made 11 of the most solid wool balls you ever saw. I set the washing machine to Patrick Dempsey hawt, threw those balls (oh no, “Patrick Dempsey” and “balls” in the same post, here come the G00gle searches!) in the machine and let it go to town.


This went all bad. After lots of cussing and scissors and a nearly ruined washing machine because of all the yarn wrapped around the agitator, my balls looked like this.


So I thought, well, I can fix this, I’ll just reform the balls and try again.


Hey Mommy? Whatcha doin’?

I looked at these balls for a couple of days.

And then I threw them all away.

After all, Alex has his own balls to play with.

My challenge to you is between now and next Saturday, try something new, take lots of photos and blog about it next Saturday. What do I mean by new? Anything. New way to work, new recipe, new project, new position (what?), new book – anything you want, just try something new and let the world know what that was next Saturday on your blog. Grab some bling and show off on Saturday yourself. Come by here and my new thing will be seeing if I can figure out how to use Mr. Linky so you can sign in.

(And even if it all goes bad – show that off too – afterall – I did 🙂 )

Oh and I’ll use the random number generator to pick a prize winner. The prize? Chocolate. I will send you an assortment of the chocolate in my house, or exact replicas of the chocolate in my house, in case the original chocolate is consumed, cuz that could happen.