Yesterday, one of MPs suggestions was “Listen to someone that you disagree with” – so I did.

BlogHer had two excellent posts this week, first came the posting of Why I’m Pro-Life by Shannon who just sponsored the Rocks in my Dryer bloggy giveaway carnival and then came the Why I’m Pro-Choice by Maria Niles. (I gotta tell you, I did post a comment and then part of that comment was pulled out and given an AMEN by Lisa Stone who signs my BlogHer checks. DUDE!)

Generally speaking, the dialogue that took place on both threads was productive. (In my opinion, the comments in the early part of the pro-life thread took an ugly turn – but that’s my opinion, and I only share it because if you go to read the thread (and I really do encourage you to – I learned some things) I just want you to be aware that it’s not all a cake walk) There are many, many valuable stories in these threads. Women tell of first hand experience of being pro-life and then faced with the the reality that they would die if they carried their children to term. Women who have had abortions tell why they are or are not pro-life/pro-choice at this time. Women who have placed their children up for adoption tell of how that ain’t all a bed of happily ever after roses either. From both sides, again and again I read messages of how *these women are REAL and these women need our help*.

I learned. It wasn’t always an easy read, but I did it, and it was good for me.