I’ve been warned about what happens when husbands leave town for work … specifically TDY. Mary Alice gave the heads up on that months ago.

I knew how right she was when Scout went out of town last week overnight and I managed to get the RSV Plague of 2008 and storms tried to send us all off to Oz (not the prison).

This did not bode well for this week when Scout was leaving Sunday morning and returning so late on Friday that it will be Saturday.

So, I popped a Xan@x and got a decent night of sleep on Saturday, waking just as he was leaving on Sunday morning. Told him goodbye and lay there thinking … hm … something is wrong.

Oh. There it is. A tiny needle of pain over my left eye. This does not bode well. I gathered Alex and went downstairs, hitting the kitchen just in time for the needle of pain to explode through my sinuses. I gave Alex a toy, heated a lavender blanket and wrapped it around my head, and popped a sinus pill (standing in front of the pharmacopia of meds in the cabinet, it took me .000023 seconds to determine that it was worth whatever Alex would get in my milk, I *had* to do this. 20 minutes into “TDY” was way too early to call for help). I drank some coffee and knew I needed to lay (lie?) down. I gathered Alex and remembered the child needed to eat. I grabbed a box of Os and we went upstairs to his room (least likely to have something harmful in it.) I closed the door and lay on the floor, giving him a handful of Os.

He left me there for an HOUR, occasionally crawling over me, occasionally pulling my hair. He left me there long enough for the headache to recede.

I didn’t even care when I heard this sound:


(upset because I *sob* left the room *sob*)

(note clothes flung around in the background, also his doing. note the curve of Os farthest back – it’s like chalk outline of me – but in Os)

The method of survival this week is all about not sweating the little stuff and pacing. If Alex is happy pulling all the tupperware out of my cabinets, then so be it. I will also be leaving said tupperware on the floor because I will entertain him with it later when we fling it back in the cabinets.

If it’s unsafe, clearly I’ll stop him. If it’s really gross, like when he flung kitty litter, clearly, I’ll stop him.



Not so much.

We’ve had a snow and ice storm, everything in the state cancelled, the heat isn’t working right downstairs, I’m out of bread, I’m out of butter …

It’s time to get some reinforcements … stay tuned …


… maybe grab a snack …