It was interesting to look around the house to see what was “home” here. It’s so different from any other house I’ve had. It’s far from anyone we know. There’s a husband and a baby.

When we moved in, we’d lived in a 3 room apartment for a month and realized we didn’t need most of the stuff we had packed away.

We spent the first weekend in the new house curled up in bed reading Harry Potter, we were so used to having a small space to live in, that we just settled in to using only a small part of our house.

Gradually we branched out into the other rooms. Now we’re at least unpacked and settled. Only took 8 months.

Looking around, I decided this is what made me feel settled into the house. Made me feel unpacked and like we were in OUR home, if not yet AT home. (sorry, I know it’s small, bear with me.)


From right to left:

A clock my grandparents received for their 50th wedding anniversary. (I should totally put a battery in it.)

A wedding present from our wedding.

2 photos of Alex from last fall, in frames my grandpa made.

The first piece of anything Scout and I purchased together. 3 watercolors from an outdoor art show. We sat in the car and figured out how they needed to be displayed and then had them framed for our living room.

Wood sculpture from Scout’s camp leader from back in the day.

Pumpkin Pie candle. I stockpile these.

There you have it. What makes me feel like home.

Welcome home Sandy!