Ya’ll have met my Loter right? The uber Sarcastic Mom?


What? She doesn’t splay her limbs out seductively for you? Just me? Right on. Just as it should be!

Well. My girl is having a run of luck that is more like a run of suck, and I’m not talking suck of a fun kind of time (such as a GLOW JOB) I’m talking a moldy, haywire thyroid, rock/hard place/monsoon/typhoon/threesome with Spitzer and Ferraro kind of suck luck run.

Enter Lotus: HoF’oSho, the brain child of the beautiful Angie at A Whole Lot of Nothing and the sista project Change for Change, compliments of my heart friend Victoria at VDog and Little Man.

For complete deets, head to Lotus: HoF’oSho to find out how you can help the Lotus feel limb splaying happy too!