Week Nineteen of Lotus?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ weekly winners meme.

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We bought Alex’s new carseat, and thanks to Jen, we saved 80 bucks on it. Whoo! Forbes and Mrs. Forbes took advantage of it and got theirs on sale too! Thanks Jen!

?Ǭ†But I gotta ask. What is “ass travel for children”?


Next up, apparently my ass is moving into my boobs and I need new jeans. I went to the consignment store to see if they had anything that would work. Found out they were having their winter clearance – everything from the back room you could fit in a bag – 20 bucks. And the clerk said to get the best results, to roll the clothes so you could fit more in the bag.

Here’s the spoils of war:


The pants on the far left that you can’t really see? Ann Taylor, 98 dollars originally – how do I know? Tags still ON. Skirt on the far right – same deal. Suit in the middle – Pendleton wool – gently worn, original retail 350.

These deals alone made the 20 bucks WAY worth it, The rest of the stuff is just icing. Nice wool, classy icing. Including a Calvin Klein pencil skirt that I look so hawt in I’m thinking of wearing it all the time.

Tally: 3 pants, 7 skirts, 1 shirt, 1 jacket.

I still had room in the bag so I started fabric shopping. My mom makes purses and I am occasionally really crafty so I picked up the following:


2 items my mom can remake into clothes for herself (if she wants to) 1 blouse I decided my MIL might like, the rest will get ripped apart for the fabric. All silk and wool baby! And ripping seams? oddly therapeutic.

The haul: 5 skirts, 4 pants, 3 shirts – all for fabric.

I got home and the second thing Scout asked, “Have you blogged it yet?”

I love that man.