Pssst. Is she gone yet? Is the coast clear?

Whooohoooo. Party at Dawn’s place, hosted by yours truly, Janet!

Usually, I hang out in my own universe … on the Planet of Janet, with the Wonderhubby and my daughter, the Roo-girl (13), and my stepdaughter, J-bear (17). I have three older sons as well, but they don’t live at home and are not germaine to today’s story.

Anyway, Dawn gave me the keys to the place for today, so let’s party!! Go pour yourself a drink — there are margaritas at the bar — and take a seat by the fireplace. I have a tale to tell.

Soooo …

Wonderhubby was gone for four days.

It was a loooooong four days. Not as long as last October, when he went to Ireland (without me — the bastard), but long nevertheless.

It was part work-related and part hobby-related, combo’d into … well … four long days away.

And the day he came home, I was off with the Roo-girl at yet another theme-park cheerleading competition, so it was after 6 p.m. on Sunday before Wonderhubby and I finally occupied the same zip code.

And I was REALLY happy to see him. And he was REALLY happy to see me.

You do, of course, know what that means.

After the Roo-girl and J-bear were fast asleep … we were not.

And it was a lovely thing!

So there we were, doing the deed when, out of the blue, Wonderhubby blurts out: “I remember the joke that Ken told.”

“Uh, what? You where? Um, huh???”

“The joke …”

Silence from my part of the bed. This deters him not.

So this woman calls out to her husband and says, “Honey, come quick. Make love to me NOW!”

And the guy thinks, “Wow, cool,” and hops right to it.

They finish … and the guy says, “Gee, honey. That was great. But what prompted it?”

“My eggtimer broke.”

I burst out laughing. “Dude, you stopped what you were doing to tell me that?”

He was laughing too, and just a little red-faced. “Uh, yeah.” “Jeeeeeeeeezus, dude! You are so ADD!!!”

“Uh, yeah.”

I had the giggles for at least — ahem — two minutes.