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Group Story Time

You are all so wonderful to me. Everytime I read a new comment, I feel a little more supported and lifted up to face what has happened and what is to come. Help me out today. Tell me stories – tell me daddy stories or stories about people you loved who died. Tell stories in the comments, blog your stories and leave me a link so I can find your.. Read More

The Real Potluck…

Happy, happy day! Because today is potluck day. Not just any potluck day, but a super secret potluck in a very special location. Super secret because… *deep announcer voice* The unsuspecting people visiting June Cleaver Nirvana think THEY are at the REAL potluck. And very special location because… *deep announcer voice* But behind their backs Holly has moved the REAL potluck to KaiserAlex and has thrown them a faux-potluck. Shhh…it’s.. Read More