It’s a fun one. Not quite as fun as nail polish polls (which, by the way, I ended up shopping a 50% off the clearance price for clothes instead of getting the pedi yet), but still fun.

I adore the Perfect Post awards that Suburban Turmoil and Petroville host each month. Today they sent out the announcement for the next round of awards. I’ve been so brain dead that I don’t know what to award.

Will you help me out? Shoot me a link for your second favorite post you’ve read somewhere, anywhere in the month of May. Why your second favorite? Because I’m hoping you will award your favorite post a Perfect Post Award yourself.

How does it work? Here’s the email below:

Hi everyone,
The Perfect Post Awards are once again on the horizon. Here are the "rules."

1)  Choose your favorite  post from the month of May.  (Just one, please) By
"favorite" I mean a post that made you cry, touched your heart, had you laughing out
loud or made you believe in magic again. Whatever the word  perfect means to you.
Care to check out past award posts? They all are now housed in their very own 

2) On Monday, June 2nd write a post on your own blog about why you chose the  post
you chose. Don't forget to link to me and Kimberly so that people can see the other  Perfect Post awardees if
they'd like. Important: In order to participate, you must write a post about why you
chose your winner & do the linking on the award day.  

3)  On that same day, send your awardee the Perfect Post button code so that they
can put it on their site if they wish.  You will find the code in a Word attachment
along with this e-mail.  I encourage you to send the code in a word document when
you e-mail it, because if you cut and paste it into your e-mail, your e-mail program
may mess it up.  

4) Please also e-mail me the permalink to the post and the link to your own blog.
Please do so no later than Sunday, June 1st so that I have time to add it to my post
and send it on to Kimberly. 

 Questions or want off the list?  Send me an e-mail. 
 **If you have already sent me your link there is no need to resend. :)**