Look, it can make or break your look. I love the statistics of how so many women are wearing the wrong size bra, and then it never fails I get some idiot fitter who keeps telling me I can go up in the band to compensate for my cup size just so they can make a sale when they don’t carry my actual size. Even when trying to find a nursing bra they kept telling me this, I ended up with a 38 band. You know what happens when you take a 32/34 and put her in a 38?


Gawd, isn’t THAT pretty.

The other extreme is just as bad in a completely different way. Buying the right band size but the wrong cup size creates a look that can only be called “ass-chest.”


Then there’s the time that the angels sing in a beautiful chorus because, like Goldilocks, you find the one that is JUST RIGHT.


Just for good measure


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