1. Southwest airlines. Used to love ’em now they are crackerfied.

2. Inconsistent verification. Took birth certificate with us to Houston – no one wanted to see it. So we didn’t bring it this time. Got lectured that we need to have it. Too bad, it’s 70 miles away from us.

3. TSA. Apparently I can be stripped of all metal and the concern is my kid’s faux crocs. Must pull off the foam shoes and send them through scanner as well.

4. Fellow passengers. Like the two teens across from me. kid in an orange and white hat – positioned sideways, white tshirt wih gold and silver writing on it, camo shorts, flip flops, apparently intellect of mouth breather and hasn’t received the memo that only Eminem can get away with that outfit. Moving on to his travel companion in a bright yellow cleave showing, undetermined shorts/skirt (hiding under shirt/dress), blinging faux rhinestone heart jewelry and bracelet and rings. Huge earrings, and a hot pink and black hat proclaiming “faith” (it is Sunday after all.)

5. Mother behind me stating to her kids, “I almost pissed my pants.” Nice.

6. 50 pound weight limit on luggage. If two people travelling together can fit everything in one suitcase for 54 and a half pounds, why charge them? We could have packed two bags at 50 pounds and had more weight and more stuff for them to keep track of, but nooooo. So I now have random shoes and toiletries in my carry on to get us under the weight limit.

The one thing I love. Wireless and the ability to bitch and blog and talk to VDog.