For the record – I’m not getting any dollars to post this – I *am* pimping out my friend Angie and her store because Scout and I did all the shopping for all 8 kids we needed to buy for in about 20 minutes and we got to do it sitting on our asses.

Step 1. Go to Good for the Kids

Step 2. Make a wishlist of everything that might work

Step 3. Show Scout my preselected list. Let him make final choices.

Why this is a win-win? I for sure like all the presents selected, they pass my Mommy/favorite Aunt criteria AND my Elementary/Early Childhood Education AND Speech Pathology and Audiology degrees are happy that I bought presents that are great learning tools AND I got to support a mom based business AND a bud! Scout gets to make quick choices from a limited selection and spend less than 20 dollars a piece on every present except for one. Leaves us more money and time to eat ice cream together.

Wanna see what I bought? Of course you do!

For 5 year old girl/boy twins:

Melissa and Doug Classic Do-Your-Own Piggy Bank Paint Craft

Melissa and Doug Mighty Builders Race Car Model

Melissa and Doug Sweet Hearts Wooden Bead Set

For 3 1/2 year old nephew:

Melissa and Doug Shape Sorting Clock

For almost 2 year old nephew – nicknamed Bam-Bam for some VERY good reasons:

Melissa and Doug First Play Soft Toy Toolbox Fill and Spill (Note the SOFT part of that description. That’s for everyone’s own good.)

For 18 month old niece – daughter of Forbes, the sibling with the silver spoon in his mouth while the rest of us had cheap plastic:

Melissa and Doug Sushi Slicing Box Play Food (it says for 3 years and up, but I figure she’ll have fun ripping apart the velcro now.)

For 1 year old niece:

Melissa and Doug Band in a Box Music Set (it says 3 years and up, but I like that it will give something NOISY for my little brother to listen to for YEARS to come!)

For friends who are expecting their first in January – and who are decorating the nursery in purple and green:

Zoobie Pets BABY Tama the Tortoise

For Alex:

Melissa and Doug Take-Along Tool Kit

Melissa and Doug Beginner Band Music Set

(because I clearly want to be beaten up and deaf in 2009!)

There you are. My list of Kaiser Alex approved kid toys for this holiday season!

(all photos nabbed from GFTK, natch)



After posting this, Angie said, hey! I just got some awesome new stuff in – I declared that they effing rocked and she said well let’s give some away.

What’s the awesome stuff?

Melissa and Doug Role Play and Dress Up

Valued at $40, there are FIVE different sets to choose from, but here’s one:

How to be selected:

1) Visit GFTK and leave a comment here telling us which of the sets you’d pick. (You can change your mind if you are selected.)

2) You can enter a second time by posting about the contest and writing why you would love the Role Play and Dress Up set. Just leave your link in the comments below.

3) Send a tweet on Twitter about the contest. Then leave your tweet URL in the comments below. Now you have 3 entries to win the Role Play and Dress Up set.

The contest will end Wednesday, November 26th at 11PM EST. We will announce the winner on Thanksgiving morning using the random number generator. Good luck to you all!