If we could ever GET there.

This is our first real live vacation since June 2006. Which absolutely makes me think something apocolyptic is going to happen to just try to jack up the ante of Suckit08 a little more.

We were planning to leave the house at 8am.

I woke at 8:01am.


No time to look for my cell phone with the dead battery that Alex hid zeusonlyknowswhere.

We made it to the airport on time, and our flight was delayed 50 minutes.

We had a 47 minute layover scheduled in Houston.

Houston, we have a problem.

“Luckily” for us, the first 2 flights of the day were cancelled, and the 3rd flight arrived 4 hours late, and our flight is currently running 3 hours and 15 minutes late. Good times.

I have paid 22 dollars for airport food.

I have paid 795 for wireless – which is why I’m using it every second we are stuck in this hell hole.

I keep seeing women who look all hawt and put together. Meanwhile I’m just hot and sweaty and UNSHOWERED. (see wake up time above)

I have paid 21 dollars for the most hysterically appropriate tshirts for Texas Red and I – and the impetus for actually buying them and not just chuckling was “hey, I can blawg that”.

I have rolled my eyes, I have made myself on food ….

I have teared up when a middle aged white Texan man stopped and said, “Thank you for what you are doing for us. God bless you,” to the Mexican/Latino female in uniform.

I have seen an actual, honest to Krisha, Hari Krishna. In an airport.

Now I’ve blogged this adventure, can I claim this entire trip as a business expense now?