So um. There was a conference this weekend. You might have heard. You might have also heard about an issue with an #elevator
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Okay. So you know what’s up now. Everyone has a unique reaction to something stressful like being stuck in an elevator (WHO sings that song? It’s stuck in my head like I was stuck in that elevator.) Panic, Loud panic, Twittering like mad, Calling someone to ask them to pray for them, raising her hand and announcing to the elevator that she’d be telling them what to do in a voice reserved for her days as a special ed high school teacher in a building of 2500 because if she couldn’t control that #elevator she would, by gawd, control the people around her. *ahem* {shame}

I heard a voice on her phone, voice was shaking, but in control. Next phone call, as she carefully moved toward the floor I heard the words, “Just pray for me.”**

I headed to the floor with her. Which allowed me to focus on helping someone else through this rather than focusing on wondering if we could just start climbing out of the damn elevator through the top. (I totally had all kinds of Oceans 11/12/13 flashes through this.) We looked a pictures on her camera – which I admit that over dinner “someone” had shoved her camera in my dress and tried to take photos of mah bewbs. Which didn’t come out for some reason. I “Someone” may have had too much drink. Just sayin’.

At long last we were released from our hotter than fucking hell box of sweat, I hugged on my girl and then Victoria and I got on the other elevator and rode up to Room 704. Cuz we’re crackers that way.

** I’m gonna cheese for a moment. But I’m sincere. It’s sat with me since I heard these words come from her mouth. No matter what a person believes or doesn’t believe, we can be the answer to someone’s prayer. Which I’d never thought of till that moment. So when I see me with a halo over my head, I get a little teary. I will now go back to passing out vibrators and making drinks – cuz as I told Mrs. Fussypants – “God created orgasms, batteries made them possible”