I think some of you were ready to spit on me when I said I was starting with organizing a room in our house. I could hear the “oh yeh, you have a whole ROOM? #suckit)

I could have been more specific, but I knew I was getting ready to bore several of you and over stim Zoeyjane with glee when I showed you where I started.

I started with someplace I knew was only my business. I could have started with my purse, my maxipads and tampons, my makeup… but I started with the yarn that was taking over the entire house.

I’d read a suggestion about just using left over boxes for storing things, so I got over my perfectionist “oh but they have to MATCH” compulsion and started cutting boxes in half for yarn storage.

The initial result

yarn_storagenice little squees of yarn collected by color and fiber. Finished projects in one place.

The kicker? I unraveled every unfinished project I had. It had been at least 6 months since I touch any of them and I took them ALL apart. I have NOTHING hanging over my head, just lots and lots of fresh pretty yarn.

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