I point fingers at people who go trolling through the internet looking for drama to blow up about. I do my best to keep my mouth shut.

Here comes the fancy but.


I see this tweet

Had a company contact us asking us to pay $10 per item plus s/h to review them. “We do this to ensure that our bloggers have done homework”

I reply with a very mature totally amazed

you’re shitting me? someone expects you to PAY to work and link to their company?

Being that Twitter is not always the best way to share information. Friend and I took the conversation elsewhere.

Here are the facts.

CompanyRep approached Blogger about doing a review.

Blogger replied with question about product.

CompanyRep replied with answers and supplied product catalog.

Blogger replied with positive response, provided some relevant information, asked CompanyRep what they wanted reviewed.

CompanyRep replied that the company asks for 10 dollars plus shipping costs per item; not all items were available for review (no list provided)

Blogger replies in the negative regarding paying for item.

CompanyRep replies in the negative.

Email conversation ended.

Left at this, we would have pointed fingers and laughed about PR people who don’t “get it” in the same spirit that we laugh about getting emails addressed to “Dear Dawn Blog” or “Dear MommyBlogger” – and it would have been done.


Right after the email exchanged ended, the Blogger began receiving anonymous “your blog makes me ill” comments via the contact form.

IP check verified these anonymous comments were from the CompanyRep same IP the CompanyRep had been using.

This my friends is where I call BULLSHIT.

I titled this “zomg mommyblogger dramz” because the title amused me. Nothing else from this point on does.

This turned into harassment. Chicken, anonymous trolling. Not well done, mind you since it was so easily tracked.

Apparently I have found a guideline for when I will step in.

You anonymously troll my friends – I will call out your poor spelling on Twitter.

“… it is ‘taking’ not ‘takeing'”

Anyway – there it is – why I went into some drama – I swear I won’t make a habit of it – thanks for bearing with me when I spoke out.