There are two projects up there – One is the knitted quilt project using (mostly) yellow, purples and greens. I have several Phat Fiber samples in there too – the blue is the Princess Bride sample from Sept. The primarily white is … Snow White? from the Sept box. The yellow is … um. Also from September. A lot of the light purple you see is Maude and Me.

The seat of the chair is an accidental project. I’d knit a square out of some wool over a year ago and felted it. Then had no idea what to do with it, so it sat. Finally I took it out and stared at it long enough that I remembered this rocking chair from my dad’s that was out in the garage- I soaked the felt in hot water and shook out some water – this made it nice and stretchy. I nailed it down and then had to have the husband come and do some additional screws (hey, he got to use power tools, he was happy) to reattach the seat.

More fiber arts at Alpaca Farmgirl.

(Incidentally the  photo was taken with my trial Virgin Mobile LG Rumor 2 phone. I like it. Which is totally not the purpose of me writing this post, but I thought I should share that last detail with you since they *did* give me the phone to tell you about.)