Exercise – Elliptical, Bike, Ab work (no machines, just on the floor)

Calories burned – 500+

Weight – 183

Tech – I tried out the earbud headphones @jenbshaw recommended – The pads were nice, but they still forced themselves out of my ears – both the small and the medium size. I pulled off the padding and used them without and they worked super well. So a win in the end. I probably should have looked for something that said “child” that would fit my freakishly small ear canal.

Song – “Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry

The music thing is critical for me – there is this crisis point I hit between calories 250 and 400 where I hurt and want to quit and it sucks and I hate it. But. If I can push through that – somewhere around 400 I am suddenly having . . . fun . . . yeah, FUN. I feel like a badass, I run faster, the music that helped me through the hard part is now helping me fly. I um. Okay fine, I fucking smiled on the elliptical today when I hit 500. And then I went a little farther.