So there was a big-ass blogging conference a few weeks ago.

Lane Bryant was nice enough to hook me up with a gift card to buy some clothes for the weekend.

lane bryant clothing

Henna cotton sweater – $44.50

Ivory nylon cami – $19.50

Patchwork capri jeans – $54.50

Triple strand ribbon necklace – $29.50

I’m pretty sure every person who saw that necklace totally loved it. Which made me happy – I’m rarely the one who picks the perfect accessory – but this time I did it!

I wore that as my travel outfit and then swapped the pieces around the rest of the weekend – I’ve gotten a lot of use out of them since getting home too. Yay!

After I tried on the hot red dress I’d ordered for party night – I emailed the Clever Girls pleading for some shapewear to fix a few evils that red satin just wouldn’t cover. The hooked me up and helped me out – I was wearing the shortie when I met Heather Thomson the creator of YummieTummie – I showed her mine and she showed me hers – she said she loved how she always knew exactly where to put her hands on her waist when she was wearing the shortie – and she was totally right. I whipped em out again to wear under some pants when I went for a job interview, and even though my hair looked que terri-blay, my ass looked good.

I saw Stefania wearing the Chiffon Tier Top while we were at a conference in June – I loved seeing the top on a non-model – she looked fantastic in it – so when the Clever Girls asked the YummieTummie brand ambassadors what we wanted for our one year anniversary, I jumped on that action for myself!

For both the YT items, I’ve sized down to a Large – even though the size chart looks like I should be in a larger size, this is working for me – I get held in better and it looks better too – I’m in love with the ready to wear apparel – truly madly deeply.

(I don’t have any photos of me in the YT Chiffon yet – but check out their facebook photos for shots of people rockin’ the YT in NYC.)