(This post is the first I’ve written about this. And yes, I talk a little about it and then head into a product review. Forgive me. Talking about it at all is hard, and this review opportunity was an icebreaker for me to begin writing to you about the last few months.)

So. You might have heard by now that Scout and I are almost not married anymore. As in, it is completely possible the courts have completed our paperwork and we are, indeed, not married, but have not received the paperwork yet.

Which is strange and sad and several other words that I don’t have the energy to type.

Which is why I have been mostly silent.

Scout and I have been known for many things, one of which has been our yearly holiday letter. We’ve spent the afternoon of Thanksgiving crafting our warped little recap of the last 12 months – and this year we won’t be doing that.

Or any other year.

November and Thanksgiving are looming.

So how the eff do I launch out Christmas cards this year?

It’s the little changes.

Then the Clever Girls said, “Hey want to review some holiday cards for us?” and I said, “Heck yeah because looking at pretties is a lot easier than most of the rest of my world.” and off I went to look at pretty holiday photo cards.

Given that my sense of humor is more than slightly warped – Each of these cards made me smile.


Why yes, each of these are BLACK Christmas Cards. “Noir” actually, which is even better. Scanning the cards, all the happy nuclear families made me melancholy – but check out that last one. A happy mommy and her kiddo. A little promise that joy is around – even in the Noir.

Want some joy in the form of 50 free cards? Hit this link over to the Shutterfly blog and sign yourself up.

This post is part of a series sponsored by Shutterfly. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.