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Fisher-Price your Christmas?

(Yes, I was compensated to write this post. Disclosure is power. Or is that knowledge?) Looking for potentially free presents? Fisher-Price has created the BigFoot Moods app for Facebook. Click that link, select your BigFoot and it posts a little blurb to your stream. You can also enter to win a free BigFoot. (A toy, not an actual full sized sasquatch that will leave hair in the tub and pee.. Read More

Sometimes I feel like a whore

So, I’m getting my head back in the game after the last several months of exploding my life. I’m still working on getting a job – I’ve been fighting red tape of certification since before Labor Day. I did actually make it into a classroom last Friday. I got the estimate on my continuing coverage health insurance (I was planning to have a job with insurance – but see above,.. Read More