It’s not an awesome list. But it’s the first I’ve made that was pretty much all about me. A list of potentiality to turn into kinecticity if you will.

See all 50 states.
Grow my nails
Do 50 pull ups
Redecorate the house
Live in Hannover, Germany
Wear a bikini
Come from sex
Kiss a girl
Be proficient at driving a clutch
Build a tiny home
Cook a perfect steak
Write a book
Be positive
Live with less
Change my hair color
Play softball
Hit one over the fence
Run a 5k
Bench my weight
Squat my weight
Eat real food
Own 7 perfect outfits
Be asked to speak at something cool
Be debt free
Connect with bloggers
Make someone else feel important
Write Alex letters
Decide if I love alpacas
Actually do the stuff in the book 8 weeks to optimum health
Get a Doctorate?