I was gonna put up some fun post. But in keeping with the what. the. fuck. theme around here – I give you my facebook status from Saturday morning.


“‘know how you have one of those days where you and your kiddo go to your mom’s for coffee and her greeting is, “Hey remember that person who was like family way back when we moved to the ‘burg? He’s on the front page of the KCStar.” Yeah, it’s that kind of day.”

(intentionally bad SEO link to story)

It just hit me in the gut. I had to read the story in portions. Trying to reconcile the fuzzy happy connotations I have about the person from so many years ago into the monster I read about in the article.

We knew the names of these people from years ago. Hell, we knew “the girlfriend he dumped” so well I used to call her my sister. My mom was in “the apartment” with the girlfriend’s roommate. It was just a creepy behind the scenes feeling.

And wondering what went wrong.

Or if it had always been wrong.

And we never realized.

Then factor in my mom lives alone. If he ever would have dropped by to see her – totally would have let him in – would have never thought there would be a reason to worry. Old friend. Cop. Nothing we’ve ever known about that sparked any flags.

So that fun sarcastic snarky post? Uh, maybe tomorrow. I’m still throwing up in my mouth over here.