My friends gave me roots n wings this weekend. I started daydreaming.

I want my home. The home I have. I want to finish the floors and the closets and the trim. I want new appliances and a backyard fence. I want a couch and photos on the wall of the people I love. I want to get the construction destruction cleaned up.

I want my home filled with my friends. That’s the most important thing. Also, if you have enough friends they can form a line and BE the backyard fence. So, bonus.

I want my friendships to be stronger. This last weekend was another opportunity to reconnect – and to be immersed in the knowledge that these people of my youth are absolutely INCREDIBLE adults.

Learning from them showed me what I want to be:

  • organized
  • creative
  • well travelled
  • healthy
  • spiritual
  • fun
  • hotter than the sun

I know I want a man who challenges me, who can keep up with me, who can have fun, and who can make me melt by the very thought of him.

I know I want friends who call bullshit, who support and who celebrate me being me.

Amen to knowing at long last what the hell I want and knowing I can get it all.