My exercise of the week is to make a list of the kind of people I want in my life – which after this last weekend, is a joy to do because they have been the best possible example of who I want in my world.

I want people who want to get me. ME ME ME ME.

I want people who laugh at my stories.

I want people willing to teach me – not drill me, not tell me wrong, or make me feel like I’m wrong – I want people who know things I don’t and who will share that with me.

Which is a two way street – I want people who will listen to what I know and have to share, ’cause, baby, it’s a LOT.

I want my heart to feel happy when people are around – this is just a heart/gut kind of thing – no mind over matter, just that connection that doesn’t have to make sense, just has to be present.

I want creative people – ideas, writing, music, design, building – I’m unpicky about the outlet, I just want the spark of desire to make something

I want people who will call bullshit. With love. Because they are looking out for me, not because THEY wouldn’t do it MY way, but because they love me.

I want people who are happy. Joyful. Or want to be and are doing the work to find that joy. I’m good with a journey, and being on that journey with people.

I want people who like my music. Preferably who can sing the entire volume of work by the Indigo Girls.

I want people who encourage me. Cheer me on. And who actually want me in their cheering section.

I want dreamers – people who can dream big about SOMETHING and enjoy that dream rather than being sad that the dream isn’t true TODAY.

I want people who understand that family isn’t necessarily blood relations and DNA. Especially for Alex – I don’t regret not having any more children, but I will be very sad if my life doesn’t provide a soul sibling for him. God knows how much I love mine.

I want people who will share their own concept of God with me, Who are growing and willing to talk about their way and my way of understanding.

I want people who can manage their money – I don’t care if they have tons or none at all – just be able to work with what ya got.

And of course, I want people who love mac n cheese, and won’t put pepper in it.