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January 3, 2012

Alex woke up liking me again. Got 2 file reviews done. Took care of a piece of business. Built a Lego train with Alex. Currently creating snarky awesome texts with the west coast cracker. Good day. Today’s genealogy funny: Under cause of death “Dropped Dead” (Granted, he WAS 96, but still.) I will be adding Lego expert to my resume. I am now an expert at 9 MAP power standards… Read More


Once upon a time, Alex didn’t like me. By once upon a time, I mean most of the first four years of his life. He had his daddy, and I was Cletus the Slack Jawed Cousin who he tolerated at best, usually because I made milk and he liked milk. Once the milk days were done, he didn’t need or want me for much. I lost track of the number.. Read More