Out of all the information about gun control, second amendment rights, comfort level with different weapons … the thing I took away as the most useful tidbit was “carry a flashlight”.

I used to have one, but I don’t know where it is (Sorry Scout). After reading about non lethal self defense methods – I decided flashlight was a good first line of defense. (Click the link, it will give you specs like 200 lumens, and other info about why it’s a good choice.)

I grabbed the brightest one on the shelf yesterday, clocking in at 144 lumens. M’love said it would work great in the dark, not so much in bright daylight . . . and then blinded himself with it while sitting in the living room.

He told me to take it with me this weekend and to be sure to actually carry it ON me, that in my suitcase in the room would do me no good.

This morning I found the perfect holster.


I facemailed him a photo –

“found a place for my flashlight.”

“cant see the photo is it in your boobs”

“yes of course”

“let me work up my shocked face”

Yeah yeah yeah. So there you are. My next step toward personal responsibility for my safety. With mah bewbs. Use what ya got, right?