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NaBloPoMo 12 Nov 14

You know what makes me furious.   Blogging on an iPad. It is cruel. I spend so much time screaming that I can’t even write. I cant backspace or link or much of anything. i used to hack around in code. I used to Do this. I used to be good and now I scream at an iPad and threaten to punch it, and all I want to do is.. Read More

NaBloPoMo 11 Nov 14

A couple of lifetimes ago, I rode in a limo with Shelly Kramer and and Brene’ Brown. I heard Brene’ speak, I had her sign my books. It has been years and I still remember that “at least” isn’t helpful and empathy and sympathy are not the same things. I came across this brilliant video of her talk this week. Watch it, it will help. Maybe this link.   http://www.fastcodesign.com/3023417/the-power-of-empathy-animated