I think I will have to hashtag them.

Two years ago I bought a pile of shorts from the Gap because they were tailored and they fit.

They don’t fit any more so I gave them away.

I’ve reached that curious point of weight where I haven’t felt terrible until the last two days. Now I actually FEEL terrible. As much from the fact that I feel so terrible I just keep eating as from my thighs rubbing together.

The Kaiser has championship swim the next two days. I have worn jeans to the last two – the first one was a coolish day. The last one was not. I spent the rest of the day in no clothes, on my couch, under the fan, recovering.

I went and bought shorts to match the team shirt. They are size XL, wider than they are long, They show off all the non smoothness of my thighs, they ride up in BETWEEN my thighs … not so bad that someone will look at me and wonder why I don’t have any friends who keep me from going out in public like this, but enough that I tug on them every time I stand.

They are elastic waist and comfortable to sit in, and past that, well … it’s super hot and hard for me to find a care. I have crossed the line of finding clothes that flatter me, because frankly nothing is going to make me look thin. I may as well find good looking clothes … or comfortable clothes … because flattering is out of the question right now.